Negotiate successfully

Lead goal-oriented negotiations and stimulate mutual respect and collaboration.

Everything in life is a negotiation. We constantly interact with one another and attempt to cooperate. Effective negotiations will make you and the ones around you prosper. Spot the mutually accepted ground between you and your counterpart. This way, everyone wins. Long-term cooperation is then guaranteed.
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Learning goals

Define your goals

Only those who have goals can achieve them. Begin negotiations with inner clarity on what you want to achieve. This includes clarity on points that you are and are not willing to negotiate.

Acknowledge your counterpart

Be aware of your counterpart's motivation and perspective. Propose mutually beneficial plans and achieve sustainable cooperation.

Adapt to change

Negotiations are dynamic and continuously changing. Recognize the common changing dynamics of negotiations and be properly prepared for the challenge.

Guarantee execution

A 'yes' is meaningless without a how. Define clear steps to ensure delivery and agree upon the timeline and accountabilities.

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