Confront workplace sexism with confidence

Effectively fend off inappropriate comments and confidently stop sexism from the start.

Sexism in the workplace is intolerable. Yet countless women face this unpleasant behavior. Sexism at work often comes in the form of half-joking jokes, ambiguous comments or tasteless advice. That makes it difficult to defend yourself effectively against it. Set clear boundaries from the start and stop sexism with inner clarity and confidence.

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Learning goals

Seek allies

You’re not the only one facing sexism. It's time to seek allies and powerfully confront sexist nonsense.

Uncover motivational structures

Sexismus will Macht beweisen – bewusst oder unbewusst. Enttarne die verschlüsselten Botschaften.

Strengthen your attitude

You are strong. Although sexism tries to weaken you, you have the upper hand. Maintain a strong character marked by vitality and surpass any obstacle.

Develop communication strategies

Turn the tide. Make any form of sexism visible from the start and counter it with tailored communication strategies.

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