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We work exclusively with handpicked top executive coaches who have years of experience in leadership coaching. This is how we guarantee a sustainable and effective learning experience.
A Sparrks Business Coach is havin a coaching session

Our selection

In contrast to classic business coaching our 45-minute Sparrks Coaching sessions are significantly shorter. In order to achieve outstanding results for our coachees, we place the highest demands on the quality of our Sparrks coaches.

  • Quality assessment

    After a recommendation, we carefully check each coach individually to see whether they meet our high quality criteria.

  • Professional qualifications

    We review qualifications such as coaching experience, professional and management experience in relevant industries as well as trainings and certifications.

  • Interview

    We find out more in a detailed personal conversation about the knowledge, expertise and especially the soft skills of the business coach.

  • Test session

    In the course of test coachings with experienced users, the skills of the business coach, both professionally and personally, are assessed.

  • Continuous feedback

    By getting feedback on the business coach after each session, we guarantee transparency and consistently excellent quality.

Our quality criteria


10+ years relevant industry/ leadership experience outside business coaching


Leading global coaching associations


>2.000 coaching hours


Respectful and optimistic mindset

A small selection of our coaches

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