Improve conflict management competence

Master conflicts in a constructive, appreciative, and solution-oriented manner.

Conflicts in the workplace are inevitable - be it with co-workers, superiors, or business partners. But conflicts that you encounter do not necessarily lead to negative consequences. On the contrary, they can be enriching for you and your team, open up to new perspectives and strengthen trust in your relationships with each other.

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Learning goals

Alter your mindset

Conflicts are moments of truth. Understand them as an opportunity to deepen and advance relationships.

Prevent escalation

There are different stages in conflicts, with increasing intensity and collateral damage. Develop strategies to clarify conflicts at early stages and avoid escalations.

Identify need patterns

Examine possible underlying causes for conflicts - in yourself and your counterparts.

Apply communication strategies

Develop individual communication strategies and techniques to communicate constructively and de-escalating in conflict situations.

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