Business coaching isn’t just for the C-suite

You can create better business leadership capacity in just 4 one-to-one Sparrks business coaching sessions. Choose from 25 essential topics.

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Seamless    ◦     Result-oriented    ◦     Sustainable     ◦    Laser-focused    ◦    Agile    ◦    Highly-effective

Users report a 76% capability improvement with our coaching framework

Business coaching, laser focused on one concrete need. With a choice of 25 critical leadership development areas.

When you can access the best coaches, in the most efficient format possible, you need fewer coaching hours for the same result. Sparrks has identified 25 critical leadership development areas where progress can happen in 4 one-to-one coaching sessions with 2-week blocks of practice in between.
The top business coaching needs gravitate around:

Business coaching is booming, but few employers can afford it beyond the executive suite. Or at all.

The business coaching industry standard is now at 10-16 sessions per individual. That keeps most companies and their junior and middle management away from the benefits of coaching. However, if well targeted, 2 to 4 sessions will do the job. With a strong focus on results, Sparrks delivers the same outcomes at a 50-75% lower cost than the industry’s.

Seamless agenda integration. Immediate, sustainable results.

Sparrks is designed for minimal employee agenda disruption. The sessions are 45 minute each and combine elements of coaching, training and consulting with immediate impact in the performance of:
middle management    ◦     lower management    ◦     management potentials

The Sparrks framework for fast and lasting leadership capacity development

You decide on the number of talents and the selection of coaching topics. We identify the best systemic top business coach from our pool of more than 100 experienced coaches for the respective individual concern of your employees. Then, the Sparrks coaching journey begins: A sequence of 45-minute coaching sessions with approximately two weeks of hands-on application in between to gain experiential learning, testing, and internalizing coaching session insights.

1st Coaching Session

45 minutes

Put into action
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Practice phase

~ 2 weeks

Gather experience
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2nd Coaching Session

45 minutes

Internalize knowledge

3rd/4th Coaching Session

each 45 minutes

Deepen knowledge

The entire Coaching Journey is accompanied by 100% personalized learning materials.

Highly experienced systemic coaches, with deep exposure to the business world

A network of more than 100 hand-picked, international Business Coaches

Business coaching with a clear scope and a deadline

Unleash human potential faster with the right tool for targeted, tailored business coaching