Sparrks Coaching online: step-by-step on how to book the first coaching appointment

Frau benutzt Laptop, während sie zu Hause sitzt und will darauf ein Coaching online vereinbaren

We will explain in this article how straightforward it is for our coachees to conveniently log in to our platform and schedule their first Sparrks Coaching online.


To log in to our platform and book their Sparrks Coaching online, our coachees have two options:

a) By clicking on the link in the activation email, they will go directly to the specific business coaching topic selection for the coachee.

b) Alternatively, they can go to and click the "User login" button at the top right of the page header. There they can then log in with their business email.

Once logged in, users will land on a topic selection page branded for their business. Here they can browse the coaching topics (restricted by their company) and schedule their first Sparrks Online Coaching appointment.

These different options allow our coachees to conveniently log in to our platform and schedule their Sparrks Coaching online.

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Finding the right business coaching topic

With so many Sparrks Coaching topics to choose from, finding the right coaching topic can be challenging. Going through a few simple steps, our users can quickly identify the appropriate online coaching topic.

These tips can help coachees find the right topic:

Focusing on goals

First, coachees should gain clarity on goals. Is the focus more on self-strengthening or communication? Do coachees need to develop their leadership skills, or is there a transformation process in the company? Obtaining feedback from superiors and peers enables coachees to get a comprehensive picture of their personal strengths and development potential.

Through a thorough analysis of the current situation, coachees can find out what professional challenges or problems are occurring and how this affects their performance and that of their company. That provides deeper insight into areas where support and coaching are needed.

eine glückliche Geschäftfrau, die dabei ist ein Coaching online vereinbaren

Arrange a consultation with our coaching experts

The consultation can provide the coachee with input on several issues. Coachees can seek clarification on general questions about the booking process. Also, they can identify available topics and structure their thoughts together to formulate a concrete coaching theme. Finally, coachees can check how their concerns fit one of our existing business coaching topics.

Booking a Sparrks Coaching online via our booking form

Once coachees have decided on a topic, they can select it on the topic page by clicking "Book Coaching." That will take them to the booking page, where they can briefly describe their issue in a few sentences and suggest three dates for the first session. In addition, we need information about the seniority and position of the coachee so that our coaching experts can select the appropriate coach for the coachee. As soon as we complete the coach matching, the coachee receives a message with the agreed date for the online coaching. In addition, the parties pick the language in which the sessions carry out.

Banner pointing to a whitepaper download for the eBook "Improve business performance with Sparrks coaching."

FAQ: Sparrks Coaching online

Coachees have a concern that a specific coaching topic does not seem to address. Can they still book Sparrks Coaching?

Coachees can still book a Sparks Coaching session even if the coaching topics do not seemingly address their concerns. In this case, they should select the coaching topic that most resembles their needs. If the demands of coachees do not fit our range of existing coaching themes, coachees can contact us so we can find the right Sparks Coach for their concerns.

What if it doesn't “sparrk” between the coachee and coach?

In the rare case that the chemistry between the coachee and coach is not right, we offer a guarantee. The coachee will be assigned another coach, and the respective session will be credited.

Do coachees need to prepare for a coaching session?

Before the first coaching session, we will provide coachees with preparation materials that can help them get the most out of their Sparrks Coaching journey.