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For individuals

No, the offer is provided by your employer and is completely free of charge for you. Your employer is not yet a Sparrks partner? Contact us!

Go to the booking page, fill out the questions about your request and your person and submit your booking request. No login is necessary, entering your work email on the booking page is sufficient.

Yes, choose the coaching topic that best fits your concern. If your concern does not fit into one of the coaching topics, please contact us so that we can jointly identify the right coach for your individual concern.

After 48 hours, you will receive the calendar invitation for your 1st Sparrks Coaching session based on your three proposed dates. At the same time you will receive information about your coach and material to prepare for your 1st Sparrks Coaching session.

In order to always guarantee the highest quality, we ask all our coaches to focus on a limited number of issues in which they are particularly good at coaching. When selecting your coach, we always make sure that he or she is an absolute expert. We also match based on the relevant professional/industry experience of the coach.

Yes, you will have the same coach at all your Sparrks Coaching sessions.

Prior to your first coaching session, we will provide you with preparation materials that can help you get the most out of your Sparrks Coaching journey.

Yes. At the end of your first Sparrks Coaching session, you and your coach will find a suitable date for the second Sparrks Coaching session and so on.

Yes. In the booking form you can indicate if you have already had a coach and if so, if you would like to work with that coach or one of them again.

Yes, of course. Your employer should have told you how many Sparrks Coaching sessions are available to you. If not, it is best to ask the person at your company who gave you the information about Sparrks Coaching. Of course you can also contact us at any time. You can find our contact data here.

Just like you, our coaches block the Sparrks Coaching Sessions in their calendars. Of course, something can still come up. In these cases, please let us know at least 48 hours before the scheduled session. We will then find an alternative date together. You can find our contact details here.

If you have any technical problems, please contact us directly - preferably by phone: +49 30 52014961

You can find our contact details here. Together we will find a solution on short notice.

No. Your personal information will be kept very confidential and your request will be handled only between you and your Sparrks Coach.


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