Case study:

Systematic use of Sparrks Coaching in talent and leadership development at Mammut Sports Group


Founded in 1862, Mammut is a Swiss outdoor company that provides high-quality products and unique brand experiences for fans of mountain sports around the world. This leading international premium brand has stood for safety and pioneering innovation for 160 years. Mammut products combine functionality and performance with contemporary design. With its combination of hardware, shoes and clothing, Mammut is one of the most complete suppliers in the outdoor market. Mammut Sports Group AG operates in around 40 countries and employs around 800 people.


Mammut not only aims to produce high-quality products, but also to create an inspiring and supportive working environment for its employees. In the past, various learning and development opportunities for talent and managers have been introduced to achieve this vision.


  1. First, Mammut integrated Sparrks Coaching into its existing global Talent Development Program (TDP). The aim is to combine training with development in order to ensure improved transfer into practice and sustainable long-term development. In addition, talents should be supported on their way to becoming leaders and prepared for their new roles. In addition to the topic defined by the coachee, 360° feedback also serves as crucial input to give the coach a holistic picture of the individual development needs and to address them effectively.

  2. Due to the success of Sparrks Coaching as part of TDP, the application of Sparrks Coaching has expanded over the years. Coaching is now also available to all leaders in order to address individual needs in a targeted, effective and sustainable manner. Coaching demand can be raised proactively by the leaders themselves as well as by HR business partners and supervisors in joint development discussions.


Thanks to the ongoing success and sustainable results of the coaching programs, Sparrks is now in its third year as a central element of TDP at Mammut and is used programmatically and selectively. The results show, among other things, a significant improvement in self-confidence and leadership strength among (prospective) leaders, which leads to improved transitions into new roles and increases the effectiveness of talent and leaders. In addition, coaching is perceived as a sign of support and appreciation from the employer.

Quantitative feedback:


would like to continue using Sparrks in the future


indv. capability improvement


satisfaction with coach


The successful implementation of Sparrks Coaching has not only led to measurable improvements in individual performance and leadership skills, but also to increased employee satisfaction and a positive image for Mammut as a supportive employer. Sparrks has established itself as an indispensable part of personnel development at Mammut and offers clear added value for companies that are looking for sustainable solutions in employee development.

Images: Mammut Sports Group GmbH