About us

We created Sparrks to answer one important question:

Can 1:1 business coaching be used as an effective and measurable people development tool?

And if so, how can it be optimized and scaled?

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Our story

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The idea for Sparrks emerged from a series of Sunday brunches where we regularly discussed professional challenges. Our experiences in advising on organization-wide change processes and transformations have shown us again and again that success ultimately depends on strong employees and effective collaboration between people, and not on Excel spreadsheets or tracking systems alone.

As trainers at Bain & Company, we developed various training programs together and loved seeing people discover their personal and professional potential and become better leaders.

When Covid hit and we were all forced to work from home, we asked ourselves:
How can we better support our employees and teams to promote their efficiency and collaboration?

In our many years of experience in leadership development and management consulting, we have noticed the positive influence business coaching has on the motivation and development of talent and leaders, especially in collaboration with the best systemic leadership coaches.

We realized that targeted coaching in the most relevant areas such as effective team development, delegation or conflict management can lead to an improvement in leadership skills.

Finally, we have also noticed that without clear time frames, coaching often becomes habitual and no longer serves as a catalyst for great performance.

This is how the idea for Sparrks came about: What if you could achieve as much or more in just 4 coaching sessions than in a classic series of 10+ sessions?

Our mission crystallized:

The development of an offer that improves leadership performance at all levels, can be easily integrated into everyday work and has an immediate and lasting impact.

The Sparrks Coaching Framework

If you set yourself a clear framework in terms of content and time and focus on the most important things, business coaching becomes an incredibly effective, easy-to-integrate development tool for lower, middle and upper management.

By working with the top 1% of business coaches worldwide, the price per coaching minute may be higher, but you need fewer minutes. No unnecessary bells and whistles, just 100% focus in a trusting atmosphere.

Is Sparrks’ short and intensive coaching format really sustainable?

Absolutely. We make intensive practical application part of the coaching process and not something that occurs afterwards.

The Sparrks coaching format combines four 45-minute coaching sessions over an approximately 3-month learning journey with practical phases in between in which the coachee applies the findings and specific tasks from the coaching sessions in practice.

The results are immediately noticeable and are integrated into the behavior of the coachee throughout the entire process.

One of our top coaches describes it like this:
"It's like the coach is working with the corporate client on clear outcomes that need to be achieved in sprints."

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of our customers scale Sparrks coaching company-wide after one pilot.


is the average individual increase in competence after a coaching journey.


of coachees want to use Sparrks Coaching in the future to strengthen other areas of competence.

Our Team

Meet some of our Sparrkies

The Sparrks team consists of experienced experts and innovative minds who share our vision and work together to further develop and scale our coaching services. 

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team and help us provide the best possible value to our customers.

Achieve immediate, sustainable and measurable results

We designed the Sparrks coaching format to integrate seamlessly, achieve immediate sustainable and measurable results, and be scalable.

Test Sparrks Coaching with a selected number of talents and leaders and experience how results-oriented 1:1 business coaching sustainably improves performance in your company. 1:1 Business Coaching die Leistung in Ihrem Unternehmen nachhaltig hebt.