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Manufacturing leader engages Sparrks to support major change efforts

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TRUMPF, a leading German manufacturing company with >10.000 employees, was undergoing a major reorganization and wanted to ensure that the organisation was committed to and enabled for the change

Sparrks Coaching Deployment

  • Objective: Create buy-in and build support for the new organization structure and processes, while ensuring key employees are well-prepared for new roles and responsibilities
  • Target group: TRUMPF tested Sparrks Coaching with a representative group of leaders and subsequently decided to deploy the coaching to all relevant managers and change agents
  • Deployment: Sparrks was easily and flawlessly implemented and maintained across different geographies with a clear link to the transformation goals and existing change mgmt. initiatives. For each leader, the most important learning goals were defined and effectively addressed by highly experienced coaches 



want to use Sparrks again


individual capability improvement


satisfaction with coach


want to use Sparrks again

47 %

indv. capability improvement


satisfaction with coach

The coaching provided by Sparrks at TRUMPF has been remarkably successful. Not only did employees' individual performance improve drastically, but they felt a greater sense of connection to the company as onboarding into new roles was expedited. This, in turn, has resulted in a decreased turnover rate and a higher level of morale among the staff.

Client feedback

Vor allem in schwierigen Zeiten müssen wir uns überlegen, wie wir unsere Leute beim Umgang mit Herausforderungen unterstützen können. Sparrks ist das perfekte Werkzeug dafür.“

Lars Grünert

CFO | Trumpf


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