Effective conflict resolution coaching

Our conflict resolution coaching will help solve workplace conflicts with a constructive, empathetic and solution-oriented approach.

Our conflict resolution coaching will help solve workplace conflicts with a constructive, empathetic and solution-oriented approach.

Conflicts in the workplace are inevitable. How we manage such conflicts can make or break a team. 

Enhancing conflict management competence through conflict resolution coaching can be an enriching experience for the manager and team by welcoming new perspectives and strengthening trust. Where there is a challenge there is also an opportunity. Learning to navigate sensitive workplace dynamics, especially when conflicting interests are involved can help mitigate unproductive friction across the company.

Konflikte am Arbeitsplatz sind unvermeidlich. Wie wir mit solchen Konflikten umgehen, kann über Erfolg oder Misserfolg eines Teams entscheiden.  Stärkung der Konfliktkompetenz durch gezieltes Coaching kann eine bereichernde Erfahrung für die Führungskraft und das Team sein, indem neue Perspektiven eröffnet und das Vertrauen gestärkt werden. Wo eine Herausforderung ist, gibt es auch eine Chance. Wenn Ihre Führungskräfte lernen, mit sensiblen Dynamiken am Arbeitsplatz umzugehen, insbesondere wenn widersprüchliche Interessen im Spiel sind, können Sie unproduktive Spannungen im gesamten Unternehmen abmildern.

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Learning goals

Altering the mindset

Conflicts are moments of truth. Coachees will learn to understand them as opportunities to deepen and advance the associated relationships.

Preventing escalation

There are different stages and levels of conflicts, with increasing intensity and collateral damage. Coachees will learn to develop strategies that will clarify disputes at early stages and avoid escalations.

Identifying need patterns

Coachees will examine possible underlying causes for conflicts - in themselves and their counterparts.

Applying communication strategies

Those enrolled in conflict resolution coaching will develop individual communication strategies and techniques for constructive communication in order to de-escalate tensions and conflict situations.

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