Coachee: meaning, scope and synonyms

Coachee after Online Coaching



Coachee meaning: The term "coachee" comes from English and refers to a person who perceives a (business) coaching. Usually, the related term "coach" is also used in this context. In this case, a coach means a person who advises, coaches, or, in short, "coaches" the coachee.

Terminological connection between coach and coachee 

The term "coach and coachee" is analogous to the term "trainer and trainee". Both imply that there is a relationship gap between the two people. In concrete terms, this means that the trainee is subordinate to the trainer and the coachee is subordinate to the coach.

However, this is not the case for the pair "coach and coachee": Coaching is not merely a passive consulting situation in which a service is performed by an expert, the coach, that is then received by the coachee. Rather, coaching is an interactive process between two equal partners.

Role and situation during a Coaching

In this context the active participation of the coachee in the coaching process means that he/she (co-) develops solutions to problems. This means that these are not simply provided by the coach, as in other forms of professional consulting. Thus, no responsibility is taken away from the coachee, which results in his/ her self-reflection and self-awareness being trained and promoted.

Generally a coachee is voluntarily in his/her situation, i.e. he/she wants and chooses to be coached. Only then can a sustainable relationship develop between the coachee and coach, that is characterized by mutual acceptance and trust. Ultimately, this enables successful coaching and the further development of the coachee.

In general, the role as a coachee is limited in time. It is true that coaching can last for a longer period of time. However, the goal of any coaching is that the advice and support provided by a coach becomes "superfluous" in the future. The coach helps the coachee to become independent.

German synonym

In the German-speaking world, the terms "Klient" or "Kunde" are used synonymously with the Anglicism "coachee".

In the context of our Business Coaching at Sparrks, we refer to "user" as a synonym.