Bite sized learning benefits: Welcome the future of learning

Bite sized learning während eines Online Business Coaching



Were you taught that your own learning success and professional development depend on how much time you invest in them? Then it's time to rethink! Experts agree that it is not the amount of time invested that is critical to success, but the way in which it is invested, how learning is done. Short, relevant learning sessions produce much better results than long-winded sessions that are irrelevant to the audience. Bite-Sized Learning is exactly this approach: new learning content is delivered in compact, memory-appropriate portions without further impacting the learner's schedule. And these are just few of many Bite-Sized Learning benefits

Bite-Sized Learning is not only more practical than classic learning methods, but also significantly more effective.

Good news for all those employers who bemoan lack of time as the main obstacle to the systematic development of their employees!

Why Bite-Sized Learning is the future of professional development

Bite-Sized Learning is not only more practical than traditional learning methods, but also much more effective. Short personalized learning units are much more fruitful in their effect and are also more fun - this has been scientifically proven. Two components are of particular importance here:

Individual relevance

A one-size-fits-all approach is often taken in teaching units, with the aim of addressing as many listeners as possible with a particular topic. While this preserves a certain general relevance, it inevitably decreases the individual relevance for the individual.

This in turn results in the brain unnecessarily putting energy into processing superfluous information. Thus, the ability to identify information that is actually useful and store it in long-term memory is gradually lost. However, if only relevant information is imparted from the outset, one is more engaged on the one hand and on the other hand it is much easier to internalize the information in a natural and sustainable way.

Short personalized learning units are much more fruitful in their effect and are also more fun - this has been scientifically proven.

Individual attention span

There is a scientific consensus that our attention span is shorter than often assumed.

Simply sitting down longer to a task therefore does little good; it can, on the contrary, have a negative learning effect and cause boredom, fatigue or stress - all factors that stand in the way of a successful learning experience.

Young children rarely have an attention span of more than 10 to 15 minutes. This span barely increases with age: studies suggest that adults can only maintain concentration for 30 to 45 minutes.

Bite-Sized Learning takes advantage of this innate state of ours and focuses on short, intense sessions where the brain can absorb input unclouded. This maintains interest and attention throughout the learning session. What we learn becomes permanently embedded in our memory.

Online Business Coaching and Bite-Sized Learning

Sparrks consistently transfers insights from science into professional development with its online business coaching format, offering users the opportunity to develop professionally and personally in a highly effective way with minimal time investment.

Each Sparrks Coaching is individually based on the Coachee and takes place in up to four 45-minute digital individual sessions. The relevance of the content and the personal attention span are 100% taken into account. This guarantees learning success and the joy of one's own further development.

Two components are of particular importance for Bite-Sized Learning: individual relevance and individual attention span.