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Global consulting company seeks out Sparrks for performance management


Bain & Company is one of the world's leading management consultancies and employs more than 10,000 people in offices around the world. Due to the high demands placed on consultants working in a fast-paced and demanding environment, it is crucial that they consistently deliver exceptionally high performance. 

The development programs for employees must therefore be easy to use and highly effective in order to meet Bain & Company's high standards.


Bain & Company's goal is to offer a high-quality, 100% customized professional development solution that is easy to integrate into everyday life. The target group includes all consulting and business functions leaders.

Zwei Mitarbeiterinnen von Bain & Company im Office


  1. Application as an ad hoc tool
    Sparrks Coaching serves as immediate support for leaders when faced with challenges in the team, with customers or in personal situations. It is a targeted and effective approach to critical situations and helps to develop required competences.

  2. Coupling to performance reviews
    Sparrks coaching is coupled to the bi-annual performance review cycles to address identified development opportunities.


The Sparrks Coaching format has established itself as a valuable development tool at Bain & Company. It supports employees in efficiently realizing their full potential. The use of Sparrks Coaching leads to a significant increase in employee satisfaction.


would like to continue using Sparrks in the future


individual capability improvement


Satisfaction with Sparrks Coaching (NPS)

Client feedback

"Thanks to Sparrks' coaching, we are able to provide our employees support when needed. The efficiency of the format is very good: Successes occur within a very short time."

Janna Neophytou

Senior HR Director | Bain & Company


The successful implementation of Sparrks Coaching at Bain & Company has resulted in measurable improvements in individual competences. A significant increase in employee satisfaction was also achieved. Sparrks has proven itself as a part of the personnel development program at Bain & Company and offers clear added value for companies looking for sustainable solutions in employee development.

Images: Bain & Company, Inc.


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