Female Leadership - Leading as a woman

Counter resistance and obstacles with your female sovereignty - proactively and confidently.

Women in leadership positions face challenges such as competitive pressure or aggression in their own way. Often this collides with male-dominated corporate cultures. Become aware of the small differences that can have such a big impact . Use your female leadership skills confidently and without bending.

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Learning goals

Recognize behavioral patterns

Mache Dir Deine inneren Programme und Muster bewusst und überprüfe Deine Führungswirkung anhand konkreter Situationen.

Create room for change

Examine your values and resources in order to expand your scope for authentic pattern change.

Enhance leadership competencies

Get into the role that suits you. By acting out concrete situations, you will recognize strategies that fit you perfectly.

Apply communication strategies

Small efforts, big effects. Increase your leadership impact through authentic and confident communication.

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