Confronting workplace sexism with confidence

Effectively fending off inappropriate comments confidently and confronting workplace sexism from the start.

Effectively fending off inappropriate comments confidently and confronting workplace sexism from the start.

Sexism in the workplace is a huge injustice, yet often overlooked or swept under the rug. Countless women encounter such unpleasant behaviors masked as ambiguous comments, tasteless advice and harmless jokes. 

To combat this workplace plague, individuals can be coached to identify all aspects of sexism, whether subtle or overt and set clear boundaries as well as build work allies.

Sexismus am Arbeitsplatz ist eine der großen Ungerechtigkeiten, die jedoch oft übersehen oder unter den Teppich gekehrt wird. Unzählige Frauen erleben solche unangenehmen Verhaltensweisen, die sich als zweideutige Kommentare, geschmacklose Ratschläge und harmlose Witze tarnen.  Um diese Plage am Arbeitsplatz zu bekämpfen, können Individuen darin geschult werden, alle Aspekte von Sexismus am Arbeitsplatz zu erkennen, ob subtil oder offenkundig, klare Grenzen zu setzen und Verbündete bei der Arbeit zu finden.

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Learning goals

Building allies

Coachees are encouraged to seek out confidantes, like-minded colleagues and workplace advocates to build a coalition to confront sexism and inequality. Combating such offenses is made easier when it is a group effort.

Uncovering motivational structures

Sexism is a power battle - be it consciously or unconsciously. Coachees will learn to unmask the coded messages.

Strengthening personal attitude

You are stronger than you think. Sexists derive their strength and confidence by disparaging women. Individuals will be coached to meet sexist remarks and actions with unwavering strength to push back and call out bad behaviors.

Developing communication strategies

By developing synchronized and tailored communication strategies, coachees can turn the tide. Our coachees will learn to identify and make visible any form of sexism and counter it with the most effective communication approach.

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