Balance work and private life

Bring your professional and personal life into a healthy and successful balance.

Work-life balance, the harmony between private and professional life, is often the key to satisfaction. Develop individual strategies to achieve a healthy balance between the two worlds. Professional success and personal happiness can go hand in hand.

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Learning goals

Prioritize tasks

First things first. Ranking desires and goals according to their value will make you allocate time more purposefully.

Manage expectations

Set ambitious but achievable goals. Evaluate the time required for tasks realistically and thereby actively manage the expectations of your counterpart.

Plan breaks

Experience how consciously setting breaks can not only increase your productivity, but also help you develop more joy in your work.

Draw boundaries

Befasse Dich mit Methoden, die Dir ermöglichen, eine klare Grenze zwischen Beruf und Privatleben zu setzen. Erlaube Dir, auch mal „Nein“ zu sagen.

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