Orchestrate meetings effectively

Make your meetings productive, creative and purposeful.

Meetings take up a large part of the workday and, unfortunately, are often not as productive as they could be. Orchestrate meetings so that they become a productive tool for getting real work done.
Meetings planen

100 %


only 48h

until the first coaching

highly efficient:

up to 4 x 45 minutes


top coaches

Learning goals

Create commitment

Klare Verantwortlichkeiten schaffen Verbindlichkeit. Jeder Teilnehmer kennt seine Rolle während eines Meetings

Define meeting rules

To make meetings efficient and productive, you need clear rules of interaction. Your team knows and follows the agreed-upon rules of the game.

Apply facilitation techniques

Use facilitation techniques that help all meeting participants stay focused and make clear decisions.

Develop goals

The goal of each meeting is the beginning of your preparation. Learn to develop goals and communicate expectations clearly.

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