Leading effective meetings

Encouraging peak performance by leading effective meetings.

Encouraging peak performance by leading effective meetings.

Business meetings are a vital part of any organization’s activities. Its goals can be anything from making key decisions, keeping tabs on progress, solving problems, to introducing and discussing new ideas. Yet, for many it can feel like a time suck that leads to nowhere. 

Our business meetings coaching will help managers learn the essential art of organizing, structuring, and effectively leading a purposeful meeting.

Meetings sind ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Aktivitäten jeder Organisation. Die Ziele können alles sein, von wichtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen, den Fortschritt im Auge zu behalten, Probleme zu lösen bis hin zur Einführung und Diskussion neuer Ideen. Für viele kann es sich jedoch wie Zeitverschwendung anfühlen, die ins Nichts führt.  Unser Coaching zum effektiven Orchestrieren von Meetings hilft Führungskräften dabei, die grundlegende Kunst der Organisation, Strukturierung und effektiven Leitung eines zielgerichteten Meetings zu erlernen.
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Learning goals

Creating commitment

When participants understand their respective roles during a meeting, it creates commitment.

Setting the agenda

The goal of each meeting is the cornerstone of the coachees' preparation. The coachee will learn to develop objectives and communicate expectations with ease.

Facilitation techniques

Managers will learn facilitation techniques that help participants focus and make decisions.

Setting an action plan

A purposeful meeting ends with an action plan so that all participants understand how to move forward. Managers will learn how to efficiently summarize the discussion to create a plan of action.

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