Negotiation mastery

The path to negotiation mastery: Successfully negotiating for lasting results.

The path to negotiation mastery: Successfully negotiating for lasting results.

Almost everything in life is a negotiation to some degree, be it personal or business. Most negotiations go unnoticed unless more urgent matters are at stake. But, when meaningful business negotiations occur, negotiators become self-aware of the value of negotiation mastery.

Often, coaching on negotiation focuses on tensions and friction between the negotiating parties with an excessive obsession with domination. Our coaching topic on negotiation mastery focuses on aspects and perspectives you might overlook, such as negotiation as an attempt to cooperate and prosper for all parties involved.

Fast alles im Leben ist bis zu einem gewissen Grad eine Verhandlung, sei es privat oder geschäftlich. Die meisten Verhandlungen bleiben unbemerkt, es sei denn, es geht um dringende Angelegenheiten. Wenn jedoch relevante Geschäftsverhandlungen stattfinden, werden sich die Verhandlungsführer des Werts der Verhandlungskompetenz bewusst. Im Verhandlungscoaching liegt der Fokus zu häufig auf Spannungen und Reibungen zwischen den Verhandlungspartnern mit übermäßiger Gewichtung, den anderen zu dominieren. Unser Coaching zum Thema „erfolgreich verhandeln“ konzentriert sich auf Aspekte, die häufig übersehen werden, wie z. B. Verhandlungen als Chance der Zusammenarbeit und des Erfolgs für alle Beteiligten zu sehen.

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Learning goals

Defining goals

Only those who have goals can achieve them. Thus, intelligent negotiators should begin with inner clarity on what they want to achieve. This includes clarity on points that the negotiator is or is not willing to negotiate.

Acknowledging the counterpart

Coachees should be aware of the counterpart’s motivation and perspective. They should propose mutually beneficial plans and achieve sustainable cooperation.

Adapting to change

Negotiations are dynamic and continuously changing. Coachees should recognize the common changing dynamics of negotiations and be properly prepared for the challenge.

Guaranteeing execution

A “yes” is meaningless without a “how”. Coachees should define clear steps to ensure delivery and agree upon the timeline and accountabilities.

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