Presenting persuasively in front of an audience

Engage your audience with your presentations and speeches.

Of course, what you say is important. But in order to get your message across to your audience, it is even more important how you say it. Your presence and charisma persuade the audience in a subconscious way, thereby enabling your expertise and competence to be received openly and gladly.

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Learning goals

Gain self-confidence

Learn to overcome stage fright and other presentation related fears and enter the stage with confidence.

Be prepared

A presentation is only as good as its speaker. Learn how to prepare your voice and inspire the audience with your energy and positivity.

Structure your presentation

Lerne die wichtigsten Komponenten einer guten Präsentation, sowie die Do’s and Don’ts bei öffentlichen Auftritten kennen.

Use your body language

Facial expressions and gestures reveal more than we often realize. Therefore, it is enormously helpful if you become aware of the characteristics of your body language and use them consciously.

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