Master the transition from colleague to boss

Master the leap from colleague to superior with confidence and ease. Leading effectively is not a magic trick.

Career leaps are followed by an abundance of challenges. Transforming hierarchical structures requires sensitivity, respect and self-confidence. Acquire skills that make this transition easy for you and draw on the fullness of your potential.

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Learning goals

Establish your new position

Learn strategies that establish your new standing and the new relationships that come with it.

Understand your new role

Transitioning to leadership often leads to confusion about one’s role. Develop a clear understanding of your role as a leader.

Explore your fears and hopes

Explore your own approach to the role change. Learn to face your fears and reservations and to realize your wishes and goals.

Develop communication strategies

Your promotion may be perceived negatively by some. Identify sensitivities, recognize hurdles and develop eloquent communication strategies.

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