What is resilience?..and what is it not?

Ein Schutzschild das Resilienz verkörpert



The term "resilience" seems to be on everyone's lips. Journals and magazines talk about resilience, questionnaires can be used to determine one's own level of resilience, and coaching sessions help to strengthen resilience. But what is resilience really? We at Sparrks have asked ourselves this very question.

What is resilience?

To give an initial definition: Roughly, "resilience" can be translated as "psychological resistance". More precisely, it means the ability to cope with life's adversities or particularly stressful times, such as losses, breakups, layoffs or time pressures at work without suffering any psychological impairment.

Is resilience a skill or quality

For a long time, resilience was thought to be an innate trait or ability that someone either possesses or does not possess. If this was the case, then training and coaching that promise to strengthen resilience would not make much sense. However, we show that resilience is gradual and can be learned in the article "Is resilience an innate trait?".

The question that now arises is: "How can resilience be learned?". There are some practical tips that everyone can implement for themselves in order to work on their own resilience. In the article "How can resilience be strengthened?" we have compiled these for you.

Importance of resilience nowadays

In today's world, "resilience" is indeed an important quality or skill and not just a "buzzword" that will soon be replaced by a new one. Every executive, but also every:r employee should have it. Why is this so?

Today, we live in a world that is moving faster than ever before - think of the constant development and advancement of new technologies, artificial intelligence, but also crises like the Corona pandemic, which brought about multifaceted changes. It is simply essential today that we are resilient in the face of change and stressful situations. In the articles "New Work and Resilience" as well as "Stress at work – stress management through resilience"“ führen wir dies detailreich  aus.