Case Study Healy

With Sparrks, new leaders emerge more secure and competent in their roles


Healy World, a medical technology company with hubs throughout the world, has seen stellar expansion since its founding in 2019. Due to the hyper-growth, individual contributors were promoted to team leaders and managers without formal training, while a global performance development system was still being established.

Sparrks Coaching Deployment

  • Objective: Support newly promoted team leaders and managers develop strong leadership competences in a short period of time
  • Target group: All first-time leaders across all locations globally
  • Deployment: After an in-house training on the fundamentals of leadership and company culture, every new leader received access to Sparrks coaching. The most relevant coaching topics were pre-defined and new leaders had access to coaching topics in the areas of "Leadership" and "Self-strengthening"
Healy World Coaching Case Study



want to use Sparrks again


individual capability improvement


satisfaction with coach


want to use Sparrks again

72 %

indv. capability improvement


satisfaction with coach

Individual leaders and their teams were able to achieve measurable and significant improvements in their performance as a result of participating in Sparks Coaching. This development is also reflected in an increased self-confidence in tackling new tasks, increased motivation and a strengthened sense of belonging.

Client feedback

I like how Sparrks understands coaching, how they transformed it into a virtual, highly eective program. I see a change in how our new leaders are more secure, more condent and more prepared to take on the challenges of their roles."  

Mathias Demuré

Global HR Director | Healy