Having difficult conversations

Feedback is a gift for the receiver. Develop your team sustainably through constructive feedback.

Feedback kann enorm wertvoll für den Empfänger sein, wenn es richtig eingesetzt wird. Kaum ein anderes Leadership Tool fördert die Weiterentwicklung Deines Teams umfassender. Ungeahnte Verbesserungspotentiale werden konstruktiv sichtbar gemacht, gesteigerte Motivation entsteht.

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Learning goals

Present facts and examples

Make your feedback impactful and comprehensible by providing facts and concrete examples.

Use 'I' statements

Don't hide behind "we" or "you", but stand by your words and evaluations. Find out how I-messages make your feedback authentic.

Establish a feedback culture

Personal growth is subject to constant development. To achieve it, feedback is key. Create an environment where feedback is valued and encouraged.

Structure your feedback

The order in which individual messages are conveyed plays a crucial role in how your comments are perceived. Learn how to properly structure your feedback.

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