Navigating successfully in a middle management position

Learning to be effective as a leader in a middle management position. Successfully navigating through conflicting values and goals.

Learning to be effective as a leader in a middle management position. Successfully navigating through conflicting values and goals.

Being in middle management is a challenging task that often goes undervalued. Having to meet the expectations of supervisors while managing tension from employees is no easy feat, with conflicting goals made inevitable. However, if leaders in such roles are given adequate guidance, they’ll become one of the most vital allies during transformational periods.

Our middle management leadership coaching helps managers build trust amongst stakeholders and learn to maneuver within the corporate hierarchy, while leveraging their informal network in the company to reach goals.

Die Arbeit im mittleren Management ist eine herausfordernde Aufgabe, die oft unterschätzt wird. Es ist keine leichte Aufgabe, die Erwartungen der Vorgesetzten zu erfüllen und gleichzeitig mit den Spannungen der Mitarbeiter umzugehen, da Zielkonflikte unvermeidlich sind. Wenn Führungskräfte in solchen Rollen jedoch angemessene Anleitung erhalten, werden sie in Transformationsphasen zu einem der wichtigsten Verbündeten. Unser Führungscoaching für das mittlere Management hilft Managern, Vertrauen unter Stakeholdern aufzubauen und zu lernen, sich innerhalb der Unternehmenshierarchie zu bewegen und gleichzeitig ihr informelles Netzwerk im Unternehmen zu nutzen, um Ziele zu erreichen.

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Learning goals

Gaining clarity

Coachees will examine a manager’s different roles as well as the conflicting goals and values that arise from them.

Identifying room to manoeuver

Leaders will actively create room for maneuvering and maximize impact as middle managers.

Managing stakeholders

Building trust and strengthening relationships despite conflicting goals and values are possible. Coachees will learn how to make a lasting impact.

Managing yourself

Resistance against guidelines can be harmful but, in other instances, valuable. Coachees will learn to examine situations precisely and effectively.

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