Virtual leadership coaching – Lead effectively remotely

Virtual leadership coaching to help get leaders’ teams in top shape

While working from home is on the rise, virtual leadership coaching gains a heavier role. Teamwork across different locations poses new challenges for managers and employees. Such challenges intensify when all communication occurs exclusively online, without face-to-face interactions. Leadership tasks get redefined since familiar leadership tools and methods cannot cross via a one-on-one transmission into the virtual world. Supervisors and team members need to make extra efforts to understand each other since non-verbal communication signals are less plain or completely absent.
A photo showing a male leading or participating in a virtual conference with a team.

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only 48h

until the first coaching

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up to 4 x 45 minutes


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Learning goals

Defining virtual team rules

Coachees will learn to develop clear rules and firm agreements and help their team work smoothly and efficiently in a remote environment.

Building trust virtually

Enrollees will master new strategies to build virtual relationships with teams and individual members.

Organize information flow

We will discuss best practices that ensure an optimal flow of information within a team.

Finding the most suitable virtual leadership style

Identifying the right level: how much trust is possible, and how much control is necessary?

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